Cold Cuts by Susan Tepper

Chenille was wrapping the cold cuts in Saran and it was horrible. She’s such a fucking retard, why do they give her jobs that are important? I like my cold cuts fresh. Chenille’s got the cheese wedged in crooked and not even fully covered. Look, I tell her mother Millie, you have to take charge of this. Millie gives me the high eyebrow then makes one of those go get fucked arm movments that were popular during the 70’s. I was a kid then but remember my brother Al doing it to his workers when they installed carpet wrong. It’s the same thing all over again with Chenille. They should put her in a facility Al says. That Millie keeps her around like a freak show. I think Millie gets off on people staring at Chenille. Otherwise she’d keep the kid locked in the house. Even when Chenille isn’t wrapping cold cuts she’s a train wreck. Her lipstick goes on crooked and one side is higher. It makes her look extra wacked. She’s got really thick black eyebrows that stick straight out. Al said that’s from all the shock therapy. Al said Millie should pluck the kid’s eyebrows. Al said that the other day.


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13 responses to “Cold Cuts by Susan Tepper

  1. Oh it’s a bit hard working out who is worse – Chenille or Millie or the narrator?! or maybe even Al. Such a voice in this story, you can hear it and see her talking and no, you don’t want any of their lives. But what comes across is their universality, despite their awful traits. or maybe because of them.

    • Yes, they are a grotesque bunch. I love writing about creeps, it exorcises the real creeps that I sometimes (often) come across in life. More so lately… hmm… why is that? Shrinking economy and everyone is pissed off?
      So glad you could hear this voice come thru loud and clear and ugly..

  2. Nice familiarity with the characters that gives us their insight into their fellows. Well done, Susan, well done.

  3. I love the way the narrator’s train of thought just sort of rambles out the story. Nicely done.

  4. Oh I just love this! Ugly and gossipy and cruel. Brilliant.

  5. Poor Chenille. You tell this story with such dispassion, makes me think they all should spend some time getting shocked. Great characters. Peace…

  6. Shocking! I like the way it affects the reader. Thank you.

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