Control Quatrain by Kim Hutchinson

That blond stepping on the elevator, she just smiled at the other guy.

She won’t smile at me, won’t even look my way. All she sees is black.

Keep it cool, under control. Don’t let her see your insides. If she did look, she’d just see an animal.

Look away. Listen to your tunes. Leave the bitch alone.


The chicks in here are crazy. That girl just grabbed my ass.

If only you weren’t married. She sways on her spikes, pretending to be drunk. I know she’s holding her first drink. She’s young, too young. But she doesn’t care.

Now she’s shimmying to the beat. Her short skirt floats up, her shirt plunges low. Dance with me.

Keep your eyes straight ahead, your beer in your hand. Tell her you don’t dance. Go home. Never come back.



Wham! The trap of the sink over my head nearly splits my skull. I pull myself out from under the cabinet.

She’s in the doorway, her teddy bear p.j.’s covered with juice.

Take a deep breath. She’s only two. Keep a lid on it.

Remind yourself that you wanted this.


I got the big job! she announces. She’s almost jumping up and down.

I’m happy for her. I really am.

That’s wonderful! I say as soon as I’m sure she won’t hear my fear. I smile. Let’s go out and celebrate.

Pick up your keys. Don’t look ahead, conjure trouble. Just love her. Maybe she’ll stay.


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9 responses to “Control Quatrain by Kim Hutchinson

  1. Wow, there’s such an underlying fear that’s pulsing through these. Nicely done, Kim.

  2. I just love these, Kim. Each one a perfect moment, a perfect sentiment and together a fabulous collage. The third one’s my favourite :)

  3. And the thin thread of self-control linking all four stories… Nicely done.

  4. Love how you played these, different situations involving different reactions. The third one especially. Peace…

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