our dog is like Frank O’Hara by Vaughan Gunson

our dog is like Frank O’Hara
     lover of gregarious freedom!
we don’t want to train him — he’s untrainable
half wild, like a Coltrane solo
he takes free rein, takes it where it will go
he barks at everyone he sees     with no malice
he just wants to say hello
& tell everyone     he loves them
he can jump up in the air in crazy yelping pirouettes
he’s a bit of a show-off

he’s too quick footed for the big slow dogs
who can’t pin him down     there’s no easy walk
trotting along beside in regular rhythm
it’s all full tilt, nose down, tail up, pulling forward
choking against the collar — sudden stops
deviations     instant enthusiasms
abandoned for the next delicious scent     tiring
& exhilarating, like keeping up with Peter
when his brain’s exploding
T.S.Elliot mixed with obscenities

he sleeps close to us on the bed
any noise, 2am, 5am, & he’ll leap off
& run around barking in circles     it’s idiotic
& pisses us off
he wants to lick your ears in the morning
loves it when you scratch his head
he hardly eats, but likes to clean your plate
flies annoy him    (he’s mostly content)

he escapes often, being small & agile
always finding a new way to get out
we’re lucky he hasn’t been hit by a car
we would miss him a lot
     because he’s full of the genius of life
our dog
a destroyer of shallow boredom
like Frank O’Hara.


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2 responses to “our dog is like Frank O’Hara by Vaughan Gunson

  1. Awwwww, especially liked ‘T.S. Elliott mixed with obscenities”… Nice tribute.

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