Pose by Jen Knox

(in response to an impending Texas law)

Legally-bound to pose for a picture, she was at a loss. For this moment, everything that led her here was erased. She knew that if she looked, everything would change. These were the odds. To now, she’d been vocal, fighting for a choice she never thought she’d have to make, alone, in a cold room. There was a simple image available, black and white; a simple sign outside, held by a sweet-looking elderly man she didn’t know; a simple guttural, emotional protest, both from within and imposed. There was all of this, and so she looked like she knew she would. This was her “choice.” The clustering of shades and the curved lines seemed to evaluate her. And it was here that she drowned, here that she realized no matter her choice, she would now live in that murky place where nothing was right because there were no rights. For this moment, she was in a cave, watching shadows, expected to make a decision as the shapes began to change meaning, if only ephemerally.


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2 responses to “Pose by Jen Knox

  1. I had to go look up what law you were writing about. Weird stuff. Your writing is wonderful though.

  2. The bill passed a few days after this was published.

    I drive past the Planned Parenthood building every day on my way to work, and there are almost always protesters outside. It’s already so difficult for a woman to even enter the building without being subject to those who believe her to be morally corrupt. Now, apparently, any woman who has chosen to go through with it is legally obligated to have an ultrasound. It’s just one more hurdle, and for a decision that must be so difficult to have come to. It hurts my heart.

    Thank you so much for reading!

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