The Ties that Bind by Catherine Russell

The love of Pharaoh’s daughter demanded a heavy price. He struggled to breathe, but the tight wrappings constrained his chest, sealed shut his eyes, and stopped his mouth – the scream from deep within his soul would never escape.

Her name echoed in his mind. She had condemned him – as she had her other lovers. The daughter of Pharaoh preyed on men, lured them with her charms, and bound them with her beauty. Those foolish enough to love her always paid with their lives.

If he could have moved his lips, he would have smiled. Even now, he suspected his lover planned her father’s demise. With marriage and the Pharoah’s death, she would have all she desired. The loose ends of her past would be tidied away, under wraps, where they could not rise to haunt her bright new future.


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9 responses to “The Ties that Bind by Catherine Russell

  1. Great! So cleverly done. I now know what all the Mummies are about… Thanks!

  2. Alexandra Pereira

    Yes, cleverly done! I liked… “If he could have moved his lips, he would have smiled.” :-)

  3. A new take on the mummy’s curse–though it seems that all mankind’s evil comes from some seed of greed.

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  5. enjoyed – especially the last sentence. well built & conceived!

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  7. Very clever and deft. Love that last line best of all. Peace…

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