A Friend in Her by Angelique Moselle Price

52|250 thanks Angelique Moselle Price for providing her artwork “A Friend in Her” for this week’s theme. Angelique has created a large body of work done entirely in markers. She has mastered this medium with remarkable skill resulting in an energetic and riveting execution. She has invented a method that makes her work stand out in its originality and vibrancy.

Angelique’s portfolio on redbubble can be see here.


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11 responses to “A Friend in Her by Angelique Moselle Price

  1. I think this is my favorite artwork ever posted here, at least so far. WOW. And this is markers? Just wonderful. I love the vibrancy.

  2. Eryk Wenziak


  3. This is great. I love the urgency of the expressions of these women. I want a framed copy in my apartment.

  4. What talent! I love the stained glass effect, the “saintly” expressions of wonder and anticipation. Nice!

  5. Beautiful and mystical with a feeling of Modern-Renaissance meets Max Ernst.

  6. Darryl P.

    I agree. It says so much about everything–more than the subject matter at hand. It says creativity but also compassion. It says hard work but also playfulness.And it states love without excuses. Very cool!

  7. Michael Parker

    This is gorgeous artwork! Love the vibrant colors of the eyes; the luxurious lips. Beautiful! I even showed my 10-year old daughter who loves drawing and art and she was breathless at its beauty– the wavy currents of the hair and how you created this with markers. Wonderful!

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