Secret by Michelle Elvy

You saw me
and I saw you
and we smiled
but we said nothing
because we weren’t supposed to
see anything at all

I loved you
and you loved me
and we fucked
but we said nothing
because we weren’t supposed to
be anything at all

Now I see you
and you don’t see me
and I still want you
but I say nothing
because it’s not supposed to
mean anything at all


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7 responses to “Secret by Michelle Elvy

  1. Alexandra Pereira

    Loved this! The simplicity, the repetition… So much said in so few words! :-)

  2. Michelle, you’ve nailed the essence of relationships here, the big difference between the “typical” male and female. Well done!

  3. Perfect and understated. This feels like a young voice; the complicity and the acquiescence. At the end I do want to give the narrator a little poke though, and whisper ‘speak up!’

  4. The repetition here worked so well. Nice one!

  5. For most people (the ones I like anyway) the physical act of love-making is a spiritual and sharing event. This poem recounts beautifully what happens when only partner acknowledges that fact. Thanks for Sharing.

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