c(u)ore by Linda Simoni-Wastila


transfixed i watch your hands
strong quiet efficient
shape this humble offering

of mud into something pure
lyrical a form so flawless
it seems a miracle

later when the body yields
before the glassy burn
i cradle the leathered urn

and peer into eternity
ossified hollow of earth
primordial essence of you


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9 responses to “c(u)ore by Linda Simoni-Wastila

  1. Haunting and Beautiful. This Poem reminds me of my Mother, who is a Potter. My appreciation of Poetry is growing daily. Thaks for sharing.

  2. Linda you never fail to amaze me! I think this is the first poem of yours that I’ve read and it’s quite stunning in its words and form.

  3. Is this a funeral urn? It’s beautiful…

  4. Really really nice, Linda.

  5. Thank you all for reading and your kind words.
    I must confess — I did not write this poem.
    Ben did. He wrote it for Phoebe, a medical student whose true passion is clay. Ben is a graduate student of neurobiology who also is a poet. Cuore is Italian for heart which, like a pot, is a vessel.
    Who is Ben, my Italian mystery man? muahuahuahua…. peace….

  6. Darryl P.

    I like listening to this in my head. It soothes me.

  7. Poetry and Pottery are so connected, both vessels involving the whole of the heart. Thanks.

  8. love the language here, linda.

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