Inner Flaws by Deborah A. Upton

A young man told me of his going to the core of the ship, a place
where not many were allowed to go, describing the darkened room where he slept.

“The room had just enough eerie green light to guide you to your bed. My berth was the one on the top. To reach it I had to pull myself up over the front edge, ducking and pulling my legs in then rolling over onto my back, with just a few inches between my face and the ceiling. There was a small curtain I could pull, enclosing myself in what felt like a tomb. I never heard any sounds coming from behind the other pulled curtains. I never really slept, though. What I thought were
dreams were really my own fears oozing from the confines of my manipulated mind. The whole time I lived in this manner I adjusted to the lack of sleep. Even now when I go to bed, I close my eyes, but I don’t sleep. I dream awake and now the dreams have become dangerous.”

He held out his hand and begged me to take the gun from his hand.

But there wasn’t a gun. It was then when I started not trusting him.


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13 responses to “Inner Flaws by Deborah A. Upton

  1. Barbara Lucy Hosken

    I like the twist in the tail.

  2. Yikes… very disturbing.

  3. The voice pulled me right in, the buildup exquisite.

  4. Alluring, and then the gun does NOT go off. Dark and disturbing. Peace…

  5. Goosebumps. I spent my early years riding nuclear submarines. Even when sleeping at home in the king size water bed I would lay completely straight arms at my side. It was very quiet and cold. Bravo.

    • Deborah A. Upton

      I’m glad to hear from someone who has experienced similar “sleeping” arrangements. Your comment about how quiet and cold it was, interested me.

  6. I was really pulled in! Of course, retrospectively, the title tells us it is about ‘inner’ flaws, but couldn’t have guessed the twist. Well done!

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