Juicy Sticky by Michelle McEwen

This is how we eat fruit down here: smacking loudly and to the core— with juice all over, with sticky hands. That is if it’s a juicy sticky fruit and most times, down here, it is. Daddy says people up north don’t know how to eat fruit and that they eat the wrong fruit, too. He says the peaches they got up there ain’t real peaches and especially the watermelon. He says they eat their fruit too neat up there— with napkins and tossing it before they even see the seed. Once, when he was fresh outta school, he went to visit an aunt up there; he said she brought home a paper bag of supermarket peaches for him. “These ain’t peaches,” he had said to himself, but he ate them anyhow. He had been intending to move up there for work, but after tasting those up north supermarket peaches he changed his mind. Had it not been for that aunt bringing home those nasty peaches, daddy probably woulda stayed up there and never woulda bumped into mama down here who was sitting, one Saturday, on daddy’s granddaddy’s porch. She was eating a peach, smacking loudly, while waiting for daddy’s granddaddy to finish baking the apple pies she had come for. “That was the sweetest sight I ever seen,” daddy says often and smiles great big when he says it, too, ’cause to him a woman getting down and dirty with juicy sticky fruit is the kind you keep.


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9 responses to “Juicy Sticky by Michelle McEwen

  1. Melissa

    From the title to the start to the middle to the end — this story is just so juicy!!!!! And creative!!!

  2. So totally love the voice and this sweet little juicy plot!

  3. Deborah A. Upton

    Such flavor!

  4. Very juicy. And sweet. And now I want a ripe peach. Smack-yummy. Peace…

  5. Sweet and a bit dirty… I like it!

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  7. Michael Parker

    Wonderful! Another beautifully written story. I won’t eat a peach without thinking about this. Thank you!

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