Watermelon-Size Love by Melissa McEwen

Everything’s all warm
sunshine and clear skies because we are
back together. Never mind that it’s the dead
of winter and the streets are covered in ice. Nothing
can touch our hot-radiator love. We warm
the bed up electric blanket style, kick
back quilts, sheets, the comforter. No need
to turn on the heat. We open windows
all the way to cool off. This
is no half-ass love
he’s giving
me. He’s loving
me like I’m his only
girl. Right now
his love is so real it leaves
tall shadows on walls. His love is
so whole and so heavy
like an uncut watermelon the size
of the one Mr. Lumpkin grew two summers ago,
so big it made the paper. And I want
to eat the sweet
red core—all of it
until only the rind is left.


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14 responses to “Watermelon-Size Love by Melissa McEwen

  1. I love everything about this!

  2. Especially love:

    “his love is so real it leaves
    tall shadows on walls. His love is
    so whole and so heavy
    like an uncut watermelon…”

  3. Ummm… such big juicy love, this was terrific!

  4. I love your imagery here, nicely done.

  5. Darryl P.

    Love this! The passion drips.

  6. hot-radiator love, um-um-um. delicious stuff. peace…

  7. I’m amazed at how many of these themed stories are filled with sexy overtones… Wow!

    • Missy


      in my colleges days most of my poems had sexy overtones but not so much now. This was a “throwback” poem. I used my old “style” for this one.

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  9. Michael Parker

    Steamy and red hot. A great poem, Melissa.

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