The Source by Al McDermid

I put the shell to my ear and I listen, listen to the sound, the sound of my blood, my blood rushing, rushing through my hand.

From my hand, the sound flows, and I listen, caught in the tide, the tide of sound, the sound that takes me, takes me ever closer, ever closer to the source, deeper into the shell, deeper into my blood, deeper into the source.


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7 responses to “The Source by Al McDermid

  1. Beautiful, and full. Think of first learning this listening. Think of John Cage’s (?) piece on chamber of silence – the sound that one hears in there is the coursing of one’s own blood. Really beautiful, Al.

  2. Poetic and complex in its simplicity. That’s hard to do. Lovely work!

  3. Lovely, Al. For me, the repetition mimics the coils of a seashell. Nice.

  4. guy

    What Susan G. said. Good work, Al.

  5. yep. yepyepyep. peace…

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  7. Thanks everyone for your very kind comments

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