The Matter by Helen Vitoria

I avoid everything. If it has potential to cut me in half, spread me thin or red, like a million wandering seeds of a pomegranate, I avoid it. I keep quiet. Hands in pockets, at all times. Not touching is the best way to avoid things. Do Not Touch. But, I do touch the things in my pockets. The halter top I wore when I went drinking with mad boys that I did not know well. The books I never read but should have. The promises I made and knew at that moment I would never keep. The knives that he used to sever the apples. All the sticks I used to kill yellow snakes. I avoid the myth itself. Never the desire.


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11 responses to “The Matter by Helen Vitoria

  1. This is deep and perceptive work, yet it hangs tight on the human level. Lovely story Helen!

  2. That last line will be with me for some time.
    You really appeal to something deep in the reader. (This reader.)
    I remember reading one of your poems at PANK(I think it was) a while ago and being blown away. Here again, I need to situate myself after reading your work. Brava!

    • Helen Vitoria

      Jen! Wow!!! Thank you SO very much for the kind words!!! and for reading!
      I truly appreciate all you say, and that blows me away!!!!

  3. Sally Reno

    Yes. That’s it exactly. Disturbing, paradigm shifting, coming with a punch that the reader will need to re-orient from. Hot stuff, Helen, thanks.

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  5. excellent, i love this. the ending! great tension and great flow to this piece. (and thanks for your “like” on my facebook page, helen, i do appreciate it!

  6. I once wrote ” so many words on this earth and none are true ” but after reading some of your work I believe an edit might be in order.

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