Temporary shadows by Walter Bjorkman

I stare out the pain
wanting an exit
from the loving grip
keeping me here

keeping my hair
tied to your bones
my way forever
following yours

let’s leave, I say
our shadows can stay
sighing about us
without us

a farmer’s market
tucked away in a grove
heavy with the sapor
we no longer have

you don’t eat peaches
you become them, lips
swollen in juices
breasts swathed in pulp

the fruitstand becomes
our bacchanal as I taste
the mellow ripe succor
almost as tender as you

shadows are merely
memories gone astray
for this moment your desire
opens the shades

for these times I will stay


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12 responses to “Temporary shadows by Walter Bjorkman

  1. Barbara Lucy Hosken

    I enjoyed reading this.

  2. Michelle

    “You don’t eat peaches/you become them…” omg I am jealous of this line! I love this poem!

  3. Melissa

    Michelle – my sentiments exactly!!!

  4. Helen Vitoria

    a lovely poem, and I LOVE the last line!!!

  5. Darryl P.

    ..you don’t eat peaches
    you become them, lips
    swollen in juices
    breasts swathed in pulp..

    beautiful poetry! Exquisite!

  6. Good grief, Walter, your poetry is really superb.

  7. Alexandra Pereira

    Wow! What a beautiful poem! I loved it! So many lines — my favorite! Fantastic! :)

  8. Stunning poem!!! Walt you should write more poetry, I am very impressed!

    • Walter

      Susan – my origins are poetry, and what most of my published works are! Except for a short try at prose in the early 70’s, that is all I did since a teen, until a few years before I joined f’naut, when I got into the short story, and then flash just before 52. I am glad all those years came across. Thanks for the read! – Walt

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