Three of Four by Michelle Elvy

When Great-Grandpa Harold told me that eating the whole apple to the core and even past it, seeds and all, would make me live forever, I believed him. He was living proof, after all. He died at 101 when I was 10 — the closest thing to forever that I could imagine. Harold told me four basic truths back then. The other three were: chocolate is great but sex is better; your girl is always the prettiest; Miles Davis’ Sketches of Spain will change your life.

My sister and I grew up eating our apples all the way down, seeds and all. She even ate the stems, thought Great-Grandpa Harold would think that especially good. She died last year at age 38. I’m still getting over it, and I admit that I’ve been bitter. But lately my girl and I sit on the porch at night, listening to Miles Davis, and I think that Harold was right about most everything. I still eat my apples past the core, seeds and all, ‘cause I don’t like to think of Harold as a liar. And besides, three out of four ain’t bad.


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7 responses to “Three of Four by Michelle Elvy

  1. Barbara Lucy Hosken

    Enjoyed reading this Michelle. Don’t the old people have a great effect on us – and we as ‘old people’ on the next generation.

  2. Melissa

    I love Great-Grandpa Harold’s truths!

  3. Thank You. I’ve always eaten the entire apple, My great-grandma always insisted. Most people think it’s weird. I spent a lot of time at her house, and I think about her all the time. She had pictures of the Pope all over her house, so naturally when I was little I wanted to be the Pope and have a big pointy hat. Love this, Love this.

  4. How nicely put, man’s nature to want to believe. Well done, Michelle.

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  6. Oh, this is wonderful. Very old time spirit here, just so refreshing, brings back Flan and others of her ilk.

  7. lovely, believed all of it.

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