Crowded Limo by Maude Lark

A dull ache between the shoulder blades; sitting in the jump seat and the back’s too low. A great dread of the elderly driver who doesn’t seem to know what a steering wheel is for and two simultaneous sniffs, mine and the fellow’s behind me – everyone is silent because he’s sitting too close to a stranger’s shoulder.


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6 responses to “Crowded Limo by Maude Lark

  1. len kuntz

    tight little nugget.

  2. Second what Len said. Love the journey from the ache to the stranger’s shoulder.

  3. tight and taut. peace…

  4. Martin

    Nice little piece, says a lot in a few words. It goes to show what can be done with elegant use of language.

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  6. You speak volumes in so little words. Compact and well formed, not easy to do.

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