Overcooked by Susan Tepper

At night Junie gets itchy. It starts with her back. Scratch it, will ya? she’ll say to anyone around. Sometimes we all ignore her and go on watching TV. She shimmys her back up and down the door frame. You got fleas, Buster said one night. It was the night Aunt May overcooked the spaghetti. She got into a big fight with Uncle Gil over plum tomatoes or fresh from the garden. By the time that spaghetti hit the table it had turned to mush. Uncle Gil got up and went to a bar. He didn’t say but we all knew. Aunt May sat alone in the kitchen and drank down the red wine decanter. Junie was hopping around trying to get a scratch from someone. Use this, Buster said, handing her a stretched out coat hangar. Just then Aunt May wobbled into the living room. She let out a shriek like a wild bird. We all stopped to look. Even Junie.


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15 responses to “Overcooked by Susan Tepper

  1. Great mini-actions here swirling around each other then brought to a central focus. Nicely done, Susan.

  2. wonderful, susan. crowded indeed, i find myself bouncing back and forth across the tabletop with this crazy cast.

  3. len kuntz

    great. it really moved. the coat hanger can mean so many things.

  4. Chaos and irrationality (is that even a word?) and family dynamics and unspoken … what? Hard to describe just what is going on here when none of the participants seem to have any idea themselves! But you had me at ‘Junie gets itchy’ – a great lien and a great opener.

  5. Confusing- usually something I hate, but not here. Wonderful. I feel like I know these people already.

  6. Kelly

    that was fun, and I am left quite entertained by a scream. But still concerned, of course, they are a sympathetic bunch, hehe

  7. Funny bunch here. Love the take on the crowd. Peace…

  8. love the sound combo of Junie and itchy – the whole thing just works so well and is way fun

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  10. I am in this living room, and looking at Aunt May. Oh may I?

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