The Fourth by Melissa McEwen

The men dance with their wives
like they’re head over heels
in love, but it’s the drinking. Boys
with firecrackers that “holy-shit”
and “oh-shit” get off scot-free
because it’s a holiday
and everybody’s easy
and moms act like girls. Tonight
the fireworks will be heard
all the way from downtown,
but sound like they are
right in Aunt Eartha’s backyard
where ‘squitos and flies swarm
amongst us kin and the grill
is still hot and fathers
let young daughters drink
from their booze-filled cups.


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14 responses to “The Fourth by Melissa McEwen

  1. Really like this, Melissa, you can almost hear the music and the sizzling grill.

  2. Michie

    Love it! Especially love the holy shittin oh shittin boys with the firecrackers

  3. Melissa

    Thanks y’all.

  4. len kuntz

    wonderful. so evocative. love it.

  5. let’s party! really feel the dancing, the tippsiness. peace…

  6. Martin

    Nice piece, simple, down-to-earth and totally realistic. I like the mixture of age, gender and relationships which gives a “whole family” feel. The title fixes the location, but apart from Aunt Eartha’s name, this piece has a universal feel of celebration and excess and could almost be anywhere. Bet it was fun to write as well!

    • Missy

      Thanks for the detailed review. Love it.

      I coulda left out the Eartha. If I revise it, I might.

      Yeah it was fun to write. Just a silly little poem.

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  8. You can feel how fun it was to write this, rode on that energy to the end…

  9. Michael Parker

    Vivid imagery, sounds, and tastes. I enjoy this slice of Americana on the Fourth. Good job, Melissa.

  10. Missy

    Thanks Michael.

    I can’t wait for July to come –my favorite month.

  11. Missy

    Thanks y’all.

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