Crowd by Darryl Price

You can’t get out of it, but you can feel out. They
can kick you out, but you can rejoin by refusing to leave
in the first place.You know if you’re a part of something

or not. The problem is this choice thing that asks you questions
even when you’ve already arrived at the answer’s doorstep. Oh they can
be cruel if you preen yourself differently. They take that as an

instant insult. You are not playing mirror. No one wants to see
the back of your skull. They watch you for signs. All’s well
as long as you remember when to pull your assigned puppet string.


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6 responses to “Crowd by Darryl Price

  1. brilliant and true, darryl.

  2. Human nature; the need to be a part of versus the need to exclude. Sadly still a part of us.

  3. len kuntz

    nice. “no one wants to see the back of your skull.” clever.

  4. so true, so good. brings me back to the society known as 7th grade. peace…

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  6. so honest, so revealing, such truth expressed in a powerful lyrical manner.

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