#humansong by Kim Hutchinson

            Win the new iPad 2!
            Plz RT this:
            The NEW Fried Rice…

it’s #howwerollnow
#shoutitout #sayit2theworld #wearelistening
            Winning..! Choose your Vice… #winning #chooseyourvice
crowowd crowdead crowd-ed
croud sowndz R beeootiful
            Down with Q!
            Congrats to @…
            Thx 4…

#makeajoyfulnoise, or #justnoiz
            I luv, luv, luv Fridays!
            Found game tickets, but am staying home to watch.
            Yes, dear, whatever u want, dear, do u want 2 buy 2? :)

#talking is so simple
that’s why #it’ssocomplicated
it’s #morefunthanacanofcornniblets
            I hate my mind
            12 Steps to Enlightenment
            Don’t worry. The only side effect of smoking dope is happiness
            RT Twitpic-Those tattoos are looking good

and #morepowerfulthanacorruptgovernment
            #Egypt arrests Mubarak NDP allies over “bloody Wednesday” camel charge of Meydan Tahri
            Saif #Gadhafi visits #Israel and asks for help

            Most beautiful thing I’ve ever made: http://bit.ly… #art
            If you haven’t seen @____ play, you’re a cocksmoker and u deserve 2 be dead.

            Our thoughts are with the people of Japan today.
it’s #humansong


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13 responses to “#humansong by Kim Hutchinson

  1. good form, timely, enjoyed this. so much space between iPad 2 and japan…

  2. len kuntz

    wow, now that was certainly clever.

  3. Wonderful piece. I did something similar for a different flash site, but I didn’t do it anywhere near this well. So clever.

  4. Kelly

    ok, so when I first started reading it felt almost like an experiential assault, hehe, and then I began to wander in this strange multiplicity – nice

  5. wonderful. it’s why i am largely taking a break from cyberstuff. except for here, of course. peace…

    • Kim Hutchinson

      Thanks, Linda! Like you, right now I’m trying to figure out where to place my energies beyond my commitment here.

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  7. Kim, you illustrate why spending volumes of time in cyberland can be challenging. And how creative of you, to highlight the theme in such a succinct manner. Don’t disappear- just write and balance your time so we don’t miss you too awfully much. Please?

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