Dew Drop Inn by Robert Vaughan

I was late to the square dance bar for guys with O.C.D. It was fully underway but before I stepped into the Dew Drop Inn, I had to circle back to my car thirty steps one way, three times, circle the car three times, thirty steps total, then click my alarm beeper three times off/on, off/on, off/on. Ah, better.

I’d hoped they’d all be in two straight lines, the way we used to choose partners in gym class. It’d had been ages since I’d square danced, or danced at all. But Benny said, c’mon, you’ll have fun. All the guys are a blast.

When I entered the room, he waved to me from the floor. I don’t wave, it confuses people. As I hung up my coat, I did a quick scan, counting heads, relieved to find there were thirty-six dancers, four couples formed nine squares, but the caller made me anxious.

I joined Benny, the first song was Abba, and everybody sang along. I abhor pop music. Only listen to waltzes and was hoping we’d start with the Blue Danube. Benny reminded me it’s not Ballroom Dancing. He led me around the circle while the barker called things out of alphabetical order, like “heads promenade” (fourteen letters, shit!) before “allemande left” (same…fuck!)

Just didn’t make sense. Felt like two left feet, or fifteen toes or I’m just not cut out for this inane activity in a room filled with whirling dervishes.


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13 responses to “Dew Drop Inn by Robert Vaughan

  1. great fun! favorites: not waving, off/on, off/on, off/on, and fifteen toes. a believable character, as well.

  2. You’ve built this character through action and reflection–so very well done!

  3. len kuntz

    yes, this was a lot of fun. the “abba” part gave it a strong scenic quality and the whole piece was very visual. nice job, rv.

  4. Thanks Chelsea, Susan and Len! I appreciate you all taking the time to read and comment on my story this week. We all lead such incredibly busy lives.

  5. This is delightful, Robert. I smiled all the way through (still smiling). I have to come back and read again because all I want to do is smile and enjoy it. Right on pitch (smiling!)

  6. makes me grin. best dessert of the day, so thank you for making me smile. but now i have fernando on the brain, woe is me. peace…

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  8. Michael Parker

    LOL! “whirling dervishes,” indeed. Hilarious! This is a cleverly devised character! Love this! A great story!

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