Aspects of the Story by Catherine Davis

Three stories spinning at once, not to mention watching out for cars. It’ll be a wonder if your Asparagus Syndrome client doesn’t end up on Poet’s Walk picking her way through masses of grackles and starlings.

Lock this bike to the rack.

Plus that song repeating all day, an– hold on! Asparagus is an item on the shopping list, not a story – see? See! Good thing for the helmet, so nothing else gets in, but on the other hand: what if it’s a pressure cooker, exacerbating the whole situation?

Pull the helmet off.

Consider the detail that a good thirty percent of life is past your bedtime. Stolen. No wonder the sun is always going down. Now, for instance.

Plunk an asparagus into the basket. Also bananas.

Sirens bark in the distance, dogs wail around the neighborhood. Ah, Dodie Smith, you smile. But: those puppies clamoring to be adopted in Houston. Also emails due for Berlin, Auckland, and Orange County Penitentiary. An address you unfortunately don’t have. You frown.

Think: Mapplethorpe envisioned the whole, complete, in an instant – then simply raced to execute. So they say.

That neighbor has spotted you ­– despite your cycling disguise – you’re forced to chat at the checkout, clenching your teeth against blurting out what her ruffians did to your yard. And the private line is ring-ring-ringing through: Hello, hello – these are your stories calling!

Christ, put the helmet back on – don’t let another thing in! Goggles, too. Rose-colored. At least there’s the filter of that.


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13 responses to “Aspects of the Story by Catherine Davis

  1. Fantastic! By the time the neighbor rushed you at the checkout, I was getting claustrophobic from all the crowding thoughts. From Sirens to the frown was a particularly beautiful jumble.

  2. yes, claustrophobic and so effective in drawing the angst which accompanies creation. Distractions, distractions, distractions! You may be on to something with the helmet and goggles…battle gear to keep you focused and in the zone
    Hello, hello – these are your stories calling! — loved it!

  3. Amazing how you managed to present exactly those thoughts that bombard us when we’re not near a keyboard! Well done.

  4. len kuntz

    i really like this. the voice was so strong and manic. terrific.

  5. Kelly

    nice back-and-forth, with the Mapplethorpe bridging the elements – and a familiarity to the stream of consciousness, which I liked too

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  7. Just fantastic, this story with so many manic references: Mapplethorpe! Yes, you have filled this compact piece with your usual genius complexities. Wow. Stunning.

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