The wall by Guy Yasko

He takes a brown bag to the office. Makes him look frugal and he gets to avoid people. Why do it if you have to rub elbows with them? Besides, it’s part of the job description. You can’t do the work, can’t even get there without the wall.

Problem is the brown bag doesn’t last forever. Calls, meetings and a guy wants to eat. He takes the tunnel. He thinks of the fury above and smiles. No one is the wiser.

His men are waiting on the street. He pulls his collar up, adjusts his hat. Why take chances? He sees the lights and presses his pace. He counts his steps. …31 32 33.

33. He exhales. The room is warm but silent. A murmur begins. The volume increases as he walks to his table. He sits to a chorus of boos.


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5 responses to “The wall by Guy Yasko

  1. This makes me follow him through his little journey, and I think we are left to determine exactly what that journey is. Nice.

  2. len kuntz

    you paint a great picture. love the paper bag. nice job, guy.

  3. Kelly

    crowds and walls – I like that, big things described in tiny moevements

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  5. I think I used to know this one. Sad sack. The chorus of boos. Great ending.

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