A Lime Crowd by Rick Daddario

Haiga with Altered Photograph and Digital Mixed Media
8 x 12 Inches @ 300 ppi
Altered Digital Photograph
Scanned Image
Digital Drawing and Painting

Thanks to Rick Daddario for providing this week’s art, A Lime Crowd. Here is what Rick has to say about its creation:

Haiga is Image with Haiku. In this case both the image and the haiku are my own. The limes are from a lime tree in my yard. I liked the visual order of this grouping in the rain. From this ordering the idea of crowd evolved. The overlay of numbers added to the concept of an organized crowd. I often combine a variety of materials and techniques in my work. In this case I felt the simplicity of these two images created a unified work which interacts well and is balanced with the haiku.


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5 responses to “A Lime Crowd by Rick Daddario

  1. I love this image. It describes the theme so beautifully, emphasizing the separateness of each within the whole.

    • aloha Susan – i like your take on this. one of the great (USA) American pursuits… or is it universal? semi-universal?? to be of the crowd yet remain unique within it. almost an inherited ideal – or may be intrinsic?? to our exuberant cultural mind. a fun path to meander along in our diversity – thank you – aloha.

  2. len kuntz

    love the art, the color, everything about it. thanks, rick.

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