Mothers Cried by Maude Larke

Mothers cried inside me today. I sat between two megaphones and waited for the harpies. And my nerves pulled themselves apart like babies yanked from mothers’ arms, my nerves shrieked like mothers and cold, floating babies. My insides stretched their talons, a mock combat with mock pain and the mock spectators, mute. I put another head in one hand and said “stop” to the external.


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7 responses to “Mothers Cried by Maude Larke

  1. I just love that first line, Maude.

  2. This is very strong, lyrical, a prose poem, beautiful and wrenching

  3. Damn, this wreaks havoc on the usual! Loved its quirky sentiments and gnashing word choices.

  4. Maude Larke

    Thank all of you. I wasn’t sure this one was something people could “get”, but it’s good to know that some of you did.

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