(b)order by Dorothee Lang

a steady two or t(h)ree
percent of growth per (y)ear,

that had been the brief plan
of the general future

the concept of exponential scales and continental drift:
still hard to (g)rasp for our minds, even now

truth was, we still tried to (read)just the moment
when everything started to change
beyond our (b)order

when we had sat there, listening
to the close,
distant breaking
of (s)hells


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8 responses to “(b)order by Dorothee Lang

  1. Love this, Dorothee, and particularly: “when everything started to change/
    beyond our (b)order” The double meanings here are so potent.

  2. thanks! yes, the (b)order line. it’s surprising, those words inside words.

    & also, i just blogged a bit about the larger context of the poem, here: http://virtual-notes.blogspot.com/2011/03/border-today.html

  3. I don’t know how you do these little pieces of glass that figure and co-figure into the puzzle, finally– but you always get all the pieces in place and it’s lovely and makes its existential point.

  4. The clever word play mixed with the grave subject work well together. either alone would be too much, a very fine balance!

  5. The double meaning comes across well in this. The format really works.

  6. You are brilliantly sculpting the words into these either/or readings and I am mesmerized by how you create and develop and arrange, and…and…

  7. thanks for your feedback! i like this: sculpting words. the 52/250 issues really help to spark those sculptures, and bring me to the page, just like your reflections.

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