Roaring by Jen Knox

The piercing came before the crunching, which preceded the sticky, pastiness of the yolk. Crying out, Ann hurled down a hammer fist, which ended up hurting her more than it did the marble counter top. The pain was coming from both extremities now. The limp body below her seemed to feel nothing.

She plucked tiny pieces of glass from her heel. The frying pan was still on its hook. “Thank you, Jess,” Ann said, “Thank you for passing out before you turned on the burner. This is the last night I’ll put up with this shit. Hear? The last night!”

Ann plugged in the vacuum and flipped the red switch. If they would have purchased the two-hundred dollar version Jessica wanted, it would be releasing a soft hum. This one was roaring. After all the glass and egg shells were sucked from the floor, Ann pushed it up near Jessica’s ear. A pasty cheek quivered but did not move.

With clean, tingling feet, Ann closed the bedroom door, pushed herself under a thick blanket and tried to drown the noise of her thoughts. She settled herself into the rhythm of the roar, thinking that as soon as next week she would finally leave. It would be best for both of them, she was telling herself, when a delicate arm draped over her; tiny fingers tucked under her ribs, holding onto her gently, insistently.


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5 responses to “Roaring by Jen Knox

  1. A lot of tension in this one!

  2. Just when she thought she made her getaway, in comes love…
    This story felt so real, and rode to its tender ending quite well.
    Lovely work!

  3. you manage to show us so much in so few words about this complex relationship, very well paced. and that ending packs the sweetest punch.

  4. This is lush, filled with sensuous details and tension that creates a lovely balance with your word choices. The ending is a lovely surprise, the expression of intimacy given the backdrop of the setting. Powerfully drawn.

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