V by Susan Tepper

For my birthday he gave me a necklace. A shell necklace that hangs just below the bones in my neck. At the V. He likes to kiss that part of my neck. He says only the really beautiful girls have the V. He says the fat girls have it but it’s hidden under fat. He says it’s a shame but their own fault. He says they should eat less. Now that got me to thinking. It got me to thinking about turning fat. I do eat quite a lot of food.

What if I turn to fat? What if my V disappears? Won’t he love me anymore? I want to ask my Aunt Star. She has opinions. But Ma says she’s off with some man for the night. I go up and hang the shell necklace on my lamp shade. Then I go outside and sit on the porch. Grandpop is smoking and rocking. He passes me the pipe and I take a few puffs. I ask him if Grandma had the V. He said what V and goes on puffing. Then I go back up to bed. I look at my necklace on the lamp shade. It looks so innocent.


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21 responses to “V by Susan Tepper

  1. So mysteriously intriguing, Susan. Love it.

  2. Granpop is smoking and rocking– how I love that! I love the shortness of this and the short sentences yet it IS a story!

    I’m a fan :-)

  3. Michie

    Oooh I see the rest! Even better!

  4. Oh … she thinks and feels too much. But you can’t help that, it just happens all by itself. Some have and do it … some haven’t and don’t. Such a great story filled with action and thinking and emotion and, I am sure of, eventual regret and longing. Phew! Loved it.

  5. Matt! Thank you so much for what you wrote!

  6. I suspect it’s a lot less innocent than it seems…

  7. I must confess I tried to find my V!
    An interesting way of describing a relationship. Nicely done!

  8. Lou

    Excellent. I must also confess to a love of my V.


  9. like your narrator, i was terrified of becoming fat after my husband complained about it symbolizing laziness. he’s my ex now, and i’m a runner. there is a quiet introversion in this piece. you have captured well the un-informed narrator.

    • Chelsea, enjoyed your little backstory about your V and your ex! Sounds like you made the right choices: single runner with a good V!
      Thnks for what you said about the story!

  10. “But Ma says she’s off with some man for the night.” A great line at the perfect place! Sharing the pipe with Grandpa is another brilliant, almost Gothic touch. A great flash piece.

  11. Gothic…hmm…I guess I felt this was more relationship exploration that the wooden aspects of gothic, but I digress…you once again nail the interior tension and concerns of this character in such short, defined space. The shared pipe made me think of my Gramps, so thanks for that.

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