Staten Island Ferry Terminal by Walter Bjorkman


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12 responses to “Staten Island Ferry Terminal by Walter Bjorkman

  1. Wow! This is really, really cool! Great work, Walter.

  2. Eryk Wenziak

    Wow! How the heck do those people hold their breath for so long? Very impressive. Oh, nice pic, too!

  3. Really special! I love the feeling that they are all in a fish bowl, just wonderful Walt!

  4. Walter

    Thanks – I was standing there (this is the SI side), looking in at the fish, when my eyes focused out and I saw the rest of the terminal as props inside the tank, like castles and shells. There was no question as to what to do next.

  5. Aside from its own substantial power, this brings to mind Robbe-Grillet’s café/aquarium – though the respective fish and their habitats are of course quite different; yours is bright where his, as I recall, is dingy and claustrophobic. (You don’t have a detective searching for his father here do you?) Wonderfully suggestive, very cool.

    • Walter

      Not familiar whereof you speak, but the guy on the left looks like he is on to something and sort of semi-hidden, maybe him. Or to enter the whole concept, perhaps I am.

  6. very cool shot Walter i like what your eye picked up on as you looked through the tank. in context i might have to think about my body as a broken shell. that’s a little jolt. …even if accurate. a lot of directions to go in this image – may be the fish are seeing those people as if in a dream world. aloha.

    • Walter

      Thanks, Rick, coming from an artist I appreciate it. Yes, a lot of ways to go – I also like the fish on the lower right sorta knows what’s going on, looking out at me/viewer. Then you have the one different species ignoring the whole proceedings, as is the guy lost in his paper, the other group in the background, looking into another tank, etc. Not that I have any magical powers to tell the fish which way to swim. None of this goes through the mind at the time, you just get an overall sense that “I gotta snap this, now.” Thanks, again.

  7. aloha Walter. yeah. i understand that kind of moment. some moments encase more than a blink of the eye. …the way a moment from 19 years ago will keep surfacing in your mind. . . something is there that is beyond the moment – yet exactly that moment too. cool. we are an amazing creature. …okay. so is every other creature in the universe. …this. . . is just our perspective. a fun way to explore. aloha.

  8. p.s. another interesting aspect about this photograph is that most people – even children now, are so aware of a camera and what it does that we all put on a camera face when we recognize the presence of a camera. to be as close as you are to see the face – and facial expression – of these people and yet not get a single “camera face” – that is a special moment in itself. they are all wrapped up in their “own world” …of course… so are the fish. . .

    • Walter

      Yes – I only took two, as I pulled the camera down I could see them become aware of me – not that I took a pic though, just they realized something was going on, it was a moment that could only happen spontaneously without the photographer being hidden. Rare, never happened to me before.

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