A Day of Remembrance by Eryk Wenziak

All wanted him to remember to do something.

He did something.

“Was that it?” he asked all.

“No,” said all.

He did another something.

“Was that it?”

“No,” all answered.

He did something else.

“Was THAT it?” he asked all a third time.

“No,” all said, “I apologize. It was indeed something.”

“I wish you’d told me that, then, all,” he said. “I knew it was something!”

“Well, you see, after you finished doing something else I remembered it was something that I wanted you to do, not another something or something else which, had I remembered it was something from the beginning, I would’ve stopped there and congratulated you on doing something. Again, I apologize for all this.”

“Then, is that all, all?”

“That will be all,” all replied.


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13 responses to “A Day of Remembrance by Eryk Wenziak

  1. Eryk Wenziak

    I agree with that! :-) (More absurd than charming, though!)

  2. len kuntz

    what a tongue-twister.

  3. Eryk Wenziak

    Len, wath makth you say thath?


  4. K

    How often we forget to congratulate others for those somethings that they do. Instead, we spend our life waiting for them to do that something else. This was an excellent piece, I really enjoyed it!

  5. Eryk Wenziak

    Thank you, K, that was very kind of you. Glad you enjoyed it. I like your take on it.

  6. Martin

    Yeah, I like this piece too. Not sure I understand quite what is going on, and not sure that I need to. Its just quirky, challenging, thoughtful and in some strange way, quite meditative. Thanks, Eryk, its been a real gift.

    • Eryk Wenziak

      Martin, you’re very kind. I really appreciate your comments. I have to tell you, it was a bit weird to write, too. It was one of those pieces that wrote itself and left me the next morning with, “Okay, now what’s this thing all about?” (I’m not sure if I even know, at this point!) :-)

      Have a great weekend.

  7. Lauren

    I think you captured the hectic lifestyle that we all now have. Simple things just keep going by us as we repeat more of the same and we forget the “all” we have just done.

  8. Hahaha! Love the circularity of this, a very Escher feel. Wonderfully absurd indeed. peace…

    • Eryk Wenziak

      My life kind of goes in circles, too, so it’s not surprising I came up with this! :-) Thank you for your kind words.

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