Dans la lune by Guy Yasko


She is drawing the hermit from Led Zepplin IV in the margin of her
dictée. The hermit’s lantern illuminates a forest of misplaced and
forgotten accents.

I stare at her legs. Her toe rise and fall with her pulse. I look at
the clock on the wall and count. Fourteen times four is 56.

Surprisingly low.


Paris Match:

Mastroianni et Deneuve. Depardieu et Deneuve. Bardot et Deneuve. Une
semaine avec Deneuve.

Deneuve, Deneuve…


All details of my environment are gone. All i know is that i am warm.

A voice calls my name:

— Etienne, Etienne.

Each syllable seems louder.

— Etienne, s’il vous plaît, répondez à la question.

— Umm…Je ne sais pas, Madame.


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7 responses to “Dans la lune by Guy Yasko

  1. len kuntz

    “her toes rise and fall with her pulse…” nice. i wish i knew french.

  2. Martin

    I like this – episodic, dreamy, totally realistic. I have been trying to work out what has drawn me in to this piece, but I really cannot quite manage it. There’s something quite simple, but quite smart, going on here.

  3. guy

    Thanks, Martin & Len.

  4. Leah

    reminds me of my high school French classes. Je ne sais pas, Madame… Je n’en sais rien

  5. I love the way you weave your three sections together by language and details, spare dialogue and slight hints of setting details. It is (dare I say) artful, poetic, and doesn’t trouble me that I’m unsure if I really get it.

  6. guy

    Aw shucks, Robert. You are too kind.

    Leah, it reminds me of high school French class, too.

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