Fragments by Karla Valenti

It is raining today, that unforgiving wall of water, the kind that washes away one world and leaves you gazing out at the possibility of another.


You wake into your dream, opening your eyes to a site that otherwise lies dormant within your daytime mind. Before you, another world begins to form while the threads of all you know unravel behind you.


She gazed at the painting on the wall, its colors evoking a memory she’d once had, many lifetimes ago. She couldn’t quite place it, this other world spinning before her, and yet her heart mourned at the recollection of a fall and the death that enveloped her as she sank.


They say he stood in the same spot for ten hours, didn’t move an inch. They asked him what was wrong, if he needed help. He just stared back, his face a blank washed out shadow of the great
man he once was… in another time, in another world.


For months I carried him around with me, everywhere I went. I talked to him, I thought of him, I shared with him my every hope and dream. Throughout this time, he was mine, sharing my body and my world. And then one day, there he was staring up at me, no longer simply my own, bringing with him another world, for now and evermore.


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8 responses to “Fragments by Karla Valenti

  1. len kuntz

    nice interludes. loved the ending.

  2. You wrote the truth. Beautiful.

  3. Nicolette Wong

    enjoyed this piece. truthful in its simplicity.

  4. Darryl P.

    Love this. It’s perfect.

  5. wonderful form for the piece, the voice managed so well throughout the 5 sections. Loved the opening, in particular…the way it sets up the light, the way things are both skewed and redeemed through a watery lens.

  6. K

    Thank you everyone for your kind feedback!

  7. beautiful, and the structure lends such a sweet melancholy. peace…

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