Another World by Darryl Price

wants war with another world.
You are not like us. Don’t say you
hunger in the same way. We have
God’s word that you must be destroyed
in order to ensure our own
safety. God would not lie. God does
not lie. There can be only one
true world, but not if you are in

it with us.There is no room for
the unbeliever. There’s only
the faithful willing to die, to
kill,to sacrifice even their
children to earn God’s forgiveness.
But I tell you snakes hidden inside
these poor men’s minds you are wrong
and you have always been wrong to

assume God wants anything to
do with you now. There are worlds on
each and every surface you touch.
Inside every shaft of sunlight.
You don’t have to believe me. Your
hearts are constantly telling you
this message. You must listen before
it is too late to seek life.


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4 responses to “Another World by Darryl Price

  1. So pointed to the truth, Darryl. We blame, we fight, we resist, all in the name of something we all believe in, yet call by a different name. Well done.

  2. len kuntz

    yes, give peace a chance. for god’s sake. for our own.

  3. I love how this is broad, epic, and contemporary all at once. Well told.

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