Inspiration by Catherine Russell

Every writer has his muse, but not all keep them locked in a cage. The creature glared at his jailer from his small prison, knuckles almost white from gripping the bars, though the rest of his skin glowed a healthy, deep emerald – proof to his captor that he took good care of his charge.

“Everyone knows that aliens live much longer in captivity than in the wild,” said Vincent Saint James.

“That’s parrots, you ninny,” said Fremd, blowing back long thin tentacles than had fallen across his eye. “And that’s not proof that enslavement is preferable to freedom-”

“Yeah, yeah, here, Cyclops-”

“The name’s Fremd”

“Whatever. Have another sardine, and tell me what happens in the next scene.”

The alien glowered at him, then took the fish and complied. Until he made it back to his home planet, the New York Times Bestsellers List would have to do. Too bad the idiot couldn’t get his name right. He’d love to see it plastered along bookshelves across this miserable planet.


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10 responses to “Inspiration by Catherine Russell

  1. I’d like to assure any readers that no muses were harmed in the making of this story. I really would. :)

  2. My Muse is scandalized, I tell you! Scandalized!

    LOL, it was pretty funny anyway.

  3. Super story, Catherine! I loved the unusual concept and the interaction of these two!

  4. len kuntz

    fremd. this was quirky fun.

  5. Darryl P.

    Pretty funny stuff!

  6. I wish I had one of those! And I dare say, so would Homer, who had to be reverential to his! Others, of course, have angels! Oh, well, I guess, anything that helps. Well done, Catherine, thank you.

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  9. Freedom for muses! Loved the story.

  10. Deanna Schrayer

    Oh, so That’s the trick! Oh how I wish I’d known this long ago…

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