the light by Jennifer L. Tomaloff

We thank Jennifer L. Tomaloff for providing this week’s artwork. Here is what she had to say about the origins of this eerie another world:

This photograph was taken while on a spring retreat in the northwoods of Wisconsin. The glow of green and orange, along with the sound of the wind slithering through the pines made this particular night feel very surreal.


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6 responses to “the light by Jennifer L. Tomaloff

  1. Eryk Wenziak

    This is one eerie photograph! I love it. Where are the orange and white lights coming from? Were they added?

  2. Awesome image; frightening yet beautiful.

  3. len kuntz

    very cool, jennifer. it’s spooky in a wonderful way, almost as if it’s radioactive or haunted, or both. thank you.

  4. Walter

    Wonderful opportunity and a great rendition. I know something is in there, but don’t know what lurks in that other world.

  5. Such a beautiful photo.

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