Corner by Susan Tepper

On the corner the man with the dog sells pencils out of a cup. They are lined up yellow and perfect. The erasers up and the point part down. Each with its pink unused eraser. The kind I like to chew. I’m dying to steal one. How will he know? I ask my brother Tom. How will he know he’s blind? Tom says the dog will know. That the dog is trained to protect the man. The noon heat is killing me. Fumes from the cars are thick. I’m not going to mug him I say. I just want a pencil. Then pay for it Tom says. No I’m thinking. I want it free. The blind man doesn’t need money. Look at his shoes I tell Tom. Real leather and shiny. We have sneakers. He has more money than God. Tom says he’s going to let the dog bite me. He says it will leave a large gaping wound. Probably in my leg. Will it scar? I say. Tom says for sure. For sure and then no one will want you Rachel.


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22 responses to “Corner by Susan Tepper

  1. What kind of crazy b— steals a pencil from a blind man anyway? Like she couldn’t afford the dime. I’d let the dog bite her too… Hehe

  2. I love the smell of new pencils! Thanks for sharing Susan!

  3. Joanne Jagoda

    I like where you took the theme!

  4. Amazing, this little episode, this conversation, all so revealing of the characters and of their relationship. Nicely done, Susan.

  5. Jessie Peacock

    I loved the description of the pencils.

  6. K

    This is such an honest conversation between two kids, where the truth of their fears and emotions is so vividly on display. Nice piece!

  7. Ha ha … this story is tragically and humorously real. Wacko people doing wacko things. “Bring on the wackos!” I say, we need more of them in fiction. Half of them seem to be in your stories Susan, disguising themselves as nice people!

  8. len kuntz

    loved the pacing and urgency. i love your writing.

  9. Love the the way you take us through this child’s thought process. There once was an older blind woman who begged outside the Foggy Bottom metro in DC. She had a cup and a sign that said ‘hungry’. She wore mirror sunglasses and kept a walking stick between her knees. I was poor myself, just a student, but one day I finally plopped an apple into her cup. She cursed me and without touching the apple said ‘I hate apples.’ Anyway, I’d probably risk the eraser. Peace…

  10. I wish I knew how to write this well. Tremendous.

  11. Alexandra Pereira

    Loved the dialogue between these two characters. Well done. :-)

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