The Line by Karla Valenti

There is a place not far from here, a tiny spot of space where people like to go to forget. It’s always quite busy, as there are many with much to forget. Sometimes you have to wait for days before you get a turn but people don’t seem to mind because it gives them time to collect their memories. You can see them as they stare ahead, their eyes open to their past, trying to recall each moment so they can let go of it once and for all. As their turn approaches, they seem more desperate to remember and so they spend more time away. They seem to get heavier as they get closer to their turn, as if the weight of their memories was becoming unbearable. Sometimes they cry. When their turn is up, they step on the spot and close their eyes. For that one instance, they are blinded to their past, they have no memory of who they were or how or why, they only know to be. And then, the moment is over. They always look up surprised to be there and then they simply walk away. They never look back at the long line of people waiting behind them for their turn to forget.


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14 responses to “The Line by Karla Valenti

  1. Very nice! We all have things that we’d just as soon forget. I wonder how I would look at the world if I had no memory; is that was it’s like to be an infant? Thanks for sharing.

  2. Well done, Karla. I like the concept and I think you’ve hit upon something we can all relate to.

  3. wonderful! the line in the story telling following the one in the story (if that makes sense) there’s an increasing sense of baggage…the weight/claustrophobia of the past, like a saddle and then the freedom and lightness of the zen moment and the walking away and not looking back.

  4. K

    Thank you for your feedback, it is much appreciated!

  5. I like how you start lightly with setting and take us into the highly relatable subject matter of varying weight. And the second person (you) works well for me at this length.

  6. Remarkable! I think you have tapped something metaphysical here, and I can so believe what you wrote as truth.

  7. Alexandra Pereira

    Really enjoyed reading this, Karla. Felt I was there! Well done. :-)

  8. len kuntz

    my favorite part was, “they always look up surprised to be here and then walk away.”

  9. this is great and I enjoyed it … though I can’t help thinking it’s the flip sideto the dementia ward

  10. very magical. i’d like to spend a second in that spot. peace…

  11. Outstanding. Unbelievably good. Marvelous.

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