I Took My Blind Spot by Darryl Price

Out for riding and

Oh she did jump the
Overgrown hedges
So beautifully

Such that the little
Purple flowers thrilled

Themselves several
Shades deeper in the
Quickness of her flight.


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7 responses to “I Took My Blind Spot by Darryl Price

  1. So simple and beatiful, I’m envious. Thank You for the image on this rainy Friday Morning.

  2. There is a eloquence, a light dainty (?) touch with this, the nature’s response to her, the color variations. Just lovely.

  3. Beautiful, like an homage to springtime and nature. So fresh I could smell the air.

  4. Oh this is so lovely! The images, the movement, the concept!

  5. Thrilled themselves deeper… Loved that line especially.

  6. len kuntz

    yes. really sharp.

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