The Red Dot by Kevin Balance

In the forest through the trees camouflaged by a dark bower of ferns sits a big red dot plumb on the ground as in a landscape in a gallery at the musee des beaux arts. Some even look right at it but still march idly on. Working not with his eyes but with his trowel and spade the peasant finds this spot that transports him to anytime, anywhere. He begins to see things from the corner of his one unpatched, glass eye. He becomes a Tiresias in Greece, a Soothsayer in Rome.

Over summers and winters of ignored augury a history begins to form. A myopic paradox builds on itself—grows stronger and more verdant with each penned text. An archetype is born squarely on the big red dot. The circle holds strong for a long, long time until the rogue muse frays its edge. And in that fray a bartering occurs: eyes for eyes, archetype for evolution. So with an unseen splash our play begins.


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6 responses to “The Red Dot by Kevin Balance

  1. Marvelous! Thank You for sharing!

  2. There is a telling with this tale: the peasant whose fortune changes with the found object, transporting him to other worlds, and times. It’s written like a prologue to a play, or a preamble to another companion piece. Oddly creative.

  3. Love how the peasant becomes the muse…

  4. Thanks for the encouragement, you guys.

  5. len kuntz

    very fluid use of language. loved the imagery.

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