Coming Clean by Deborah A. Upton

“Are you blind?” Deanna yelled, tension pulsing in her neck. “How can you sit there in one spot all day long,” she was looking at the worn-out recliner her husband sat in, “and watch that damn depressing crap?”

She didn’t wait for his reply. She let the wind help her slam the back door on her way to the garden plot, where she fell down on her knees. As her body shook, she dug into the freshly turned soil, filtering it between her fingers. An earthworm fell to the earth, landing on the pile forming on the ground, and immediately went to work. Deanna paused to watch. She wasn’t used to seeing such industry in her garden, except by her own effort. She watched as the worm took dirt into one end, knowing it would eventually come out the other. She didn’t mind that kind of crap, though, because at least it was productive crap.

Suddenly overwhelmed with anger, she burst into sobbing, hysterically. How dare him to be so blind to my need, she thought. He’s not even as good as a worm. Unable to control the sobbing, she purged herself of the anger from deep down inside. It felt good to come clean.


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11 responses to “Coming Clean by Deborah A. Upton

  1. Love the image of the earthworm.

  2. Love the turn of phrase, ” she didn’t mind that kind of crap,”. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Sitting in the dirt glad that she’s come clean… Nice one.

  4. Nice use of dialogue at the beginning, voice gave me immediate depth of character, and your narative drives the tone home wonderfully.

  5. len kuntz

    vitrolic. the worm part was my favorite.

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