Interview (Inner view) by Alexandra Pereira

“My son, you ask? Oh he’s a hell of a guy. Loves ping pong and squash but hates washing the car and helping his mother with the dishes, whenever he visits. Not a manly thing to do, but being an only son he’s gotta help around the house sometimes, heh heh. But Claire and I will do everything for him… Oh ya – my wife and I have a great relationship. Wonderful woman. And we’re so lucky to have a great son. I mean Rory means everything to us… Claire… Claire had… well, she couldn’t get pregnant easily so we went through a difficult time — very difficult. But all that’s gone now. Rory came and grew up and went to college and has made us very proud… No, he’s not finished his course yet. Not easy studying to be doctor. I mean Rory’s extremely intelligent, he’s just ah… had bad luck with some professors, that’s all. Otherwise he would have finished ah… ’bout three years ago… Ah, ya… it’s cost us a hunk of money, and we’re not rich, but we’ll do everything for our little Rory – well, he’s really not that little anymore, heh heh… Naw, that’s just lack of sleep. He’s been real tired. You know, staying up late, studying, and all… Really? Nah, couldn’t have been our Rory! Rory’s studying in the east coast, Pennsylvania, not Nevada.”


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18 responses to “Interview (Inner view) by Alexandra Pereira

  1. K

    This is a perfect depiction of a blind spot, nicely done Alexandra!
    – Karla

  2. So darn familiar, I could hear it, see it, taste it even! Almost like Americana 101 or something. And there is a sadness, right under the surface, too. Like that blind spot is only “so” blind, you know?

    • Alexandra Pereira

      There sure is a sadness under the surface, Robert! Kind of leaves a bad taste in your mouth too, doesn’t it? Thanks for your comment! :-)

  3. Totally real dialogue, I could so picture this man with all his excuses for his dead beat son, and of course it will never be different. Very good story!

    • Alexandra Pereira

      Thanks for reading, Susan! :-) Glad you could picture this man and know that things will never be different!… I don’t think so either!

  4. Outstanding dialog! Somebody needs some tough love! Thank you for sharing.

  5. Yes, Alexandra, you’ve hit upon the blindest spot of all!

  6. Alexandra Pereira

    Thanks for reading, Susan. :-) Not a spot any parent would want to be in!

  7. Someone needs to have their blinders taken off…

  8. Jeez, these are the kind of people I write about but hate meeting in real life! So annoying, so you must have done a good job.

  9. These are the kind of people I like to write about but hate meeting in real life – very believable.

  10. Alexandra Pereira

    Know what you mean, Matt! I feel the same! Glad this was only a character you met here and NOT in real life! Thanks for your comment. :-)

  11. len kuntz

    this feels like “cats in the cradle” reversed, or the end part. clever to tell it all in one dialouge moment like that. good job.

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  13. Alexandra Pereira

    Thanks for reading, len, — and the comment. :-)

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