She knows by aLnym (Aljoscha Lahner)



We would like to thank aLnym for this week’s art. We asked the artist about this piece and this is what he wrote:

This is the first piece of a set of paintings for my portfolio. When I paint I don’t watch the colors which come to me. I basically just watch the saturation and dark- or lightness of the color to match into the painting. The work is a process of painting layers over layers… a technique and style. already present in other pieces, but not as clear. Therefore this work is an important cornerstone for me.

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6 responses to “She knows by aLnym (Aljoscha Lahner)

  1. this is beautiful. i hope you don’t mind my saying that it has a feeling of Dali and El Greco. but is uniquely your own! thanks for sharing it here!

  2. This should be an important work for you, it’s brilliant!

  3. Lovely work, continue painting!

  4. len kuntz

    i love the work. so much to absorb. thank you. i also like what you say about it and waiting for the colors to come.

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