Green Carnations by Susan Tepper

Itchy and Squirmy were the two ugliest twins you’d ever want to see. Ugly, and dirty. Plus they had big feet. My Aunt Luna says you can tell plenty from a man’s foot size about his others. Well I don’t want to know nothin’ about their feet or their other parts either. For the prom Squirmy bought a girl a wrist-corsage of all green carnations. Who does that sort of thing? The poor girl. She was so mortified. Kept trying to hide her carnation wrist behind her backside. Useless. People were everywhere in the big gymnasium. Sooner or later someone would get behind her and make some loud wisecrack. I figured she had to be pretty nuts. Pretty nuts to even think of going to the prom with Squirmy. My best friend Abbie said the girl was new in town. And love is love. Even so I said. Even so.


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14 responses to “Green Carnations by Susan Tepper

  1. guy

    Green carnation = sour grapes.

    Good one, Susan.

  2. Ah, the possibility of an unreliable narrator here, who isn’t quite telling us how she really feels. Nicely done, Susan.

  3. And, Itchy and Squirmy? Love it!

  4. len kuntz

    this was quirky in a great way. it made my skin rashy. now i’m squirmy as well. nice job.

  5. I’m confused why green carnations would be a source of embarassment. Cute narration!

    • gany, green carnations: because she’s a teenager and they have their “set rules” of style and behavior. in her little world, green carnations are out. thanks for reading!

  6. Lou

    Girl….you just never cease to amaze me with that voice and those quick sentences of yours.

  7. randalhoule

    Interesting voice here. Enjoyed.

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