Writer’s Block by Kevin Balance

I love you. You don’t love back. I give you these verses. You put me on the rack.

You take my thoughts and spin them to all the wrong words. You take those words and order them in all the wrong sequences. I can’t to write a sentences saves my life. I list three actions and you spit back running, to love, parallels. I describe a scene, blushing red, and you spit out a dangling modifier. I give to you and one spits up disagreement.

Back to the masters I go. Read, reread, mimic, write. Oh Laura. Petrarch. Deep breath. Recompose.


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4 responses to “Writer’s Block by Kevin Balance

  1. Very creative–truly enjoyed this piece, Kevin.

  2. len kuntz

    loved what you did with the last five words.

  3. Been there, done that! Very creative use of theme.

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