After Pausal by Nicolette Wong

–for Todd Tam & late-night music

I dip a feather quill in dragon blood ink for protection from you: my sketched giant, eyes flaming inside a streetlamp & a knife in your pocket, a stabbed life to the edge of the ring notepad. Your anger is rising like the smoke above my fingers. Pull the knife now. Slice the fish on the table to match the fine traces of your prison.

Every time the blood splashes an anonymous face would break, & turn into a skeleton holding onto the lamppost in fright. I cannot stop these characters’ changes, just as you cannot find your tainted heart in that open book in your hands. A dot upon another until it turns into a tornado. Let it swirl; let time elude and fade.

You have forgotten your identity, even your lost love. All night I draw to the music for which you are created, red ink on my skin & your lapsing rhythm. The cruelty you are living has nothing to do with your soul. It is a flower blossoming in someone else’s loneliness, on a night locked in broken sounds and distance.


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6 responses to “After Pausal by Nicolette Wong

  1. Matthew

    Great flash. Like the line: “Your anger is rising like the smoke above my fingers.”

  2. len kuntz

    wow, this was really great writing. so poetic, like last week’s, with perfect randomness and vividness splattered throughout. nice tension and sense of danger. you’re getting strong with each piece.

  3. Loved this piece. Beautiful last line.

  4. Deborah A. Upton

    Interesting story. 3-D depth plus more.

  5. randalhoule

    Loved this story Nicolette. You had me at the first line.

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