End of Story by Kim Hutchinson

A young contessa stumbled across a bridge to a land of wonder, where the colors of the land and sky were deeper, the water sparkled brighter, and the horizon went on forever.

It was a land of all sky.

A troll lived beneath the bridge. He saw she was pretty and clever, if not always contessa-like, but she would make a fine trophy. And, she could spin clouds into gold.

For a troll, cloud spinning is a dealmaker.

The troll threw a sparkle of sunlight in her eyes so she thought she saw a duke or a prince. In truth, what she saw was a reflection of her.

She was lost.

The troll put her to work spinning while he collected more trophies. Soon her shoulders hurt and she was lonely in the dark shack, but there was never enough gold for the troll.

When she tried to leave, he chained her about her waist.

The troll hated all things, but for a motivated troll a victim can be too compliant, so he hated her, his own creation, especially.

After awhile, she was still beautiful, but when she looked in the mirror she didn’t recognize herself. She was haggard and sad and angry.

Now, she was reflecting him.

Moon after moon, she tried to look at the troll with love. He stared back in hate. Finally, the poison in the air grew so thick that it blew up the little troll house by the bridge.


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5 responses to “End of Story by Kim Hutchinson

  1. Wow, what a great remake of a classic! Perfectly updated and much more real than any fairy tale.

  2. len kuntz

    that was an interesting and fun little fantasty piece. personally, i adore trolls. really, i do.

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