Naughty by Catherine Russell

The secrecy, the excitement of sneaking behind her husband’s back, gave her a rush like nothing else – especially since she knew full well her lover could kick his ass in a New York minute. But what would be the point? He’d only be accused of picking on a cripple – no matter how resourceful the cripple might be. Besides, divorce was out of the question; Daddy wouldn’t hear of it.

But when loverboy stripped off those fatiques and leather – YUM. She just couldn’t help herself. She loved bad boys, and he’d been very naughty.

That evening, Hephaestus munched popcorn and mulled over suitable punishments as he watched the VHS of his wife’s antics. Oh to hades with it, he thought. He’d had dalliances of his own. Besides, judging from the tape, the love of Ares was punishment enough.


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18 responses to “Naughty by Catherine Russell

  1. len kuntz

    that was clever and quick. nice job.

  2. Was a little confused in the first paragraph over whether the husband or lover was crippled. A crippled lover beating up the cuckold would be quite a sight.

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  4. Very nice treatment of a classic; great update!

  5. YUM indeed! Bring me some leather and some ass-kicking and I’m all yours!!! Loved it!!!

  6. Nice ending. LOL I figure they both deserve what they are getting.

  7. Bwahahaha! You know I LOVE twisted stuff. And this is certainly a twist on myth. LOVE IT!

  8. Doing it the Greek (deity) way!!! Not only does the hubby have the goods, he’s got it on tape? Woof…

  9. Hahaha, love it. :D

    I’m not sure who is the sneakiest, her for playing around, or him for secretly filming her. :D

  10. Wow, essence of flash this one. Excellent take on the pantheon and I guess you’re right, Ares wouldn’t exactly be the most sensitive of lovers. Mental image in my head, begone …

  11. Nice mix of infidelity with a modern account of the Greek gods.

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  13. Nice and quick – packs a punch this one. Great work

  14. Naughty indeed :) loved this, Catherine, just a few words, but such power behind them!

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  16. Yup… This was naughty in every sense of the word… Nice!

    btw, I tried to comment on your poem above but it said I had to log into WordPress. Are comments open to that post?

  17. Quick, slick and complete. A little confusing over who is the cripple, but very well done. I liked that popcorn-munching last line from Ares.


  18. I’m always up for mythological shenanigans!

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