Frigid by Catherine Russell

He shivered from her icy touch,
pulled away from her cold feet and hands-
her physical body echoing her spirit-
never once asking himself
if her condition was merely
from lacking his warmth


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9 responses to “Frigid by Catherine Russell

  1. Ah, I think you’ll have struck a nerve here with many of us who’ve found ourselves in this stage of a relationship. Well done, Catherine.

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  3. guy

    I like the self-reflexivity in here. It fits with your theme nicely.

  4. It has a sweet meaning to it, Catherine – better than mere bleak loathing.

  5. It’s always the woman’s fault, right? Good poem, perfect for the theme. Peace…

  6. This rings so true. Beautiful and so much meaning conveyed in so few words.

  7. Nice cold all round! speaks volumes…

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