Live at Five by Martin Brick

“With that cold front moving in, expect temperatures in the 50’s all week. I’d keep a jacket handy. Allison, back to you.”

“Thanks, Bruce. Guess you have to expect that during spring in Wisconsin.”

“We had beautiful weather last week, while you were out.”

“Just my luck.”

Allison used every ounce of her Miss Winnebago County (and Miss Wisconsin second runner-up) experience to keep a smile on. A producer signaled wildly with his hand and she announced the break.

“Denver, right?” Bruce asked. “Bigger market.”

“I don’t think I got the spot, if that is what you want to know. I think they are going with some blonde idiot from Bismark.”

The producer and cameraman looked at each other awkwardly, like children around freshly divorced parents.

“I’ve got another interview next week. How are your prospects looking?”

Bruce knew she didn’t just mean career path. She meant has he started dating anyone yet? Was he still in the dingy divorced-guy apartment? Has he found anything to replace the excitement of their tawdry little fling? Has he reconsidered his stance on guilt, his desire to break it off? Has he patched the anger he felt toward Allison for telling the wife about everything?

“Allison,” he said, 30 seconds to air time. “You have to do something with your hair. The dye is obvious. If you want to get out of this market, take a look at yourself.”

It was true, and he wanted to help because he needed her gone.


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3 responses to “Live at Five by Martin Brick

  1. Cleverly done, Martin.

  2. Ha! Loved this, totally believable! Great details like the single guy apartment.

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