Monsoon dialectic by Guy Yasko

I write naked. It is too hot to do otherwise.

Tomorrow will be the same: high skies, relentless sunshine, token
clouds. There is no hope for change, not until the monsoon dialectic
generates its own destruction.

My neighbours take refuge in air-conditioning and ghost stories. I
take cold showers and dream of thunderstorms.


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6 responses to “Monsoon dialectic by Guy Yasko

  1. Nice, simple, strong in its tension. Well done, Guy.

  2. stephen

    nice. i like the phrase monsoon dialectic a lot. and the piece catches something, a place, maybe an imaginary one. well played, comrade.

  3. I like how sensory this is, visual and tactile. I really enjoyed this. One of my favorites from you.

  4. guy

    Thanks Susan, Steve & ganymeder. I like the phrase ‘monsoon dialectic’ myself. Sometimes i think a story or a book or a movie is just a platform for delivering good lines.

  5. Very cool (hot) flash, love this one! It reads like a prose poem too.

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